LOQI Tote Bag - Water Dreaming

LOQI Tote Bag - Water Dreaming

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Whether you use it for grocery shopping or as a purse or backpack alternative, the stylish LOQI Tote Bag, Butterflies will become your go-to carry bag!

Made of water-resistant polyester, these highly durable totes go from being stored compactly in your bag, purse or pocket to carrying items up to a combined weight of 44 lbs. The bags tuck away neatly, can handle quite a load and look fantastic. What more could you want in a reusable travel tote?

This LOQI bag features long handles that fit comfortably over shoulders and have a small inner pocket for holding things like keys or wallet. A unique design choice is that although the bag comes with a carry pouch, you can also roll it up tight using snap buttons or tuck the bag all the way inside it's own inner pocket.

  • Measures 19.7" x 16.5"
  • 10.6" handles
  • Carries 44 lbs / 20 kg
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Water resistant polyester
  • Inner storage pocket
  • Includes storage pouch
  • Recyclable